Internal Networking (LAN)

Internal Networking

Good business depends on good communication. Integral to your business’ successful day-to-day operation is an intelligently connected system of machines that can communicate reliably and is immediately responsive to the users who need it.

Complete Tech Solutions will create an internal network of linked machines that speak with the speed and immediacy that your business demands. Besides user-to-user interfaces, internal networking is also how your computers connect to other hardware such as printers. Your internal network can be linked via Ethernet cables, or set up to communicate wirelessly, depending on your needs and preferences.

Through internal networking, we can help you install, troubleshoot or repair your existing:

  • switches to ensure your information is routed correctly;
  • network settings so your computers can access servers, printers and the internet;
  • printer setups so they connect to the right set of computers;
  • routers to connect to the internet via wires or wirelessly.

Our technicians will assess your needs, set out a plan, then build an internal network that stores and recalls the documents you need, keeping a secure, free flow of information between employees and their internal departments. Complete Tech Solutions maintains the most modern standards of Gbit/s speed and incorporates these standards into the design of your company’s local area network, or LAN.

What would happen if your internal network stopped working? How much would your productivity increase if your internal network were working more efficiently? Get in touch and we can help you streamline your present system, or plan and implement a brand new one.