Wide Area Networks(WAN)

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

To save costs on infrastructure, more and more businesses are allowing employees to work remotely. Other businesses are operating with a flex staff to cut down on costs of providing benefits to a full-time work force that you may not need every hour of the work week. To facilitate such innovations, these businesses and others need to connect multiple remote locations securely. This configuration, called a Wide Area Network, or WAN, covers a broad area, allowing you to share servers between locations based around a central email server connection.

When your business requires a WAN, we will establish it as a private network that never crosses through the public Internet, ensuring you a secure solution that will deliver the performance and power you need for a diverse array of applications, including video surveillance, point of sale, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, and more. When establishing your VoIP phone system we will utilize your WAN to allow direct dialing between branches.

Having a WAN doesn’t mean you will be without Internet access. Rather, your access will be more targeted and secure. Remote users will access your server with a secure connection to get email, retrieve files, etc. When users need to access the public Internet, a single firewall will protect every location, centralizing security management and making it easy to know that all your locations are safe and protected. Now you won’t have to worry about coordinating firewall updates, saving you time and money across your network.

We will design your WAN using low-cost DSL circuits so you have the lowest possible cost per location while ensuring optimal performance. We establish nationwide coverage to your locations with a powerful internet access to allow users to surf with the speed and power they need.

When you need to expand your business across the country or into a new, more flexible structure, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you create a Wide Area Network you can rely on to perform powerfully and keep your information and traffic secure.