Cabling Services


Typically, an installer will run voice and data cables through the walls or ceilings of your facility, linking individual workstations with patch panels in your server room and telephone closet. The technicians at Complete Tech Solutions neatly store and precisely label cables so they can be indentified easily should a problem arise. Once we’ve completed the project, we will carefully test the wiring and components to ensure that every workstation and wireless hub has a fast, clear connection to your network.

Installing broadband systems like LANs and WANs requires sophisticated cabling and the potential for cable clutter. Your inside wiring is most likely the largest and most complicated portion of your network cabling, and the greatest probable source of building code violations and fire hazards if it’s not properly and carefully installed. That’s why we focus at every step of the IT installation process on optimizing the number and placement of your cables. We can also help you prepare for future technological advances, or the evolution of your own system, by instituting a wire management system that makes it easy to pinpoint where cables are running throughout your facility.

As professional voice and data networks are some of the most challenging cabling systems to install, you will require the up-to-date training of our skilled team of technicians to know what’s what and where it’s located.

We know that as a business owner your peace of mind is built upon a safe and dependable infrastructure. At Complete Tech Solutions, we make sure even the relatively invisible footprint of your cabling is properly installed and diligently organized to form a solid, dependable foundation for connecting you to the outside world.

Bring us in to help with your next installation, upgrade or to discuss how we can help make a new system integration run as smoothly as possible.