Wireless Deployment Services

Wireless Deployment Services
Regardless of the type of wireless infrastructure selected or the location in which it is being deployed, the proper design and deployment of a WLAN will lay the foundation for the ongoing operation and performance of the wireless infrastructure now and in the future. Unlike wired networks, there are a large number of outside factors that impact the success of a wireless network.  The type and placement of access points and antennas, the frequencies used, and environmental factors all play significant roles in the operation and performance of wireless networks.  COMPLETE TECH SOLUTIONS’s portfolio of Wireless Deployment services provide a complete set of services to facilitate the smooth deployment of WLANs.  Deployment services may be selected individually to augment existing capabilities or the complete package of services can be utilized for a turn-key deployment.  COMPLETE TECH SOLUTIONS’s Wireless Deployment services include:

  • Wireless Site Surveys – Analysis of the planned WLAN environment, identification and verification of the appropriate type and placement of wireless devices to create a highly available, secure WLAN
  • Staging – Pre-staging and testing of the WLAN equipment in a lab environment
  • Installation – Onsite Field Engineer to mount, secure, connect and verify the operation of the wireless equipment

By utilizing COMPLETE TECH SOLUTIONS’s expertise, customers can avoid the typical challenges of WLAN deployments to achieve the best possible performance from their investment